CORTEZ CONFUSION: Cortez Says Government Will ‘JUST PAY FOR’ Free Healthcare, College | Sean Hannity

Socialist superstar and potential Congresswoman Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez left economists and legislators scratching their heads this week; bizarrely saying the federal government will “just pay for it” regarding universal healthcare and free college.

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Revvin’ up her imagination
Listen to her howlin’ roar
Socialist under tension
Beggin’ you to tax and spend

Highway to the Crazyzone
Right up to the Crazyzone

Headin’ into Congress
Spendin’ for new benefits, alright
She got them jumpin’ out their seats
And beggin’ for handouts

Highway to the Crazy Zone
Ride into the Crazy Zone

You’ll never know what socialism will do
Until you take it as far as you can go
You’ll never know till it’s too late
Just ask Venezuelans if it’s so!