CORTEZ CONFUSION: Cortez Cites PARKS, ‘Eating Sandwiches’ as ‘Examples of Socialism’ | Sean Hannity

Liberal superstar Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez left American voters scratching their heads this week; bizarrely citing National Parks and eating breakfast sandwiches as examples of Democratic Socialism.

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Isn’t it wonderful how the first amendment Gives her the right to be !!STUPID!!

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Notice the “pop-eyed” face ? Obvious indications of terminal cranio-rectal disease. An education is
the only treatment for this terminal condition. Avoid contact with these sordid beings.
DNA results suggest that 90 %- 95 % of Dems / snowflakes carry these dominant genetic aberrations.

Shows just how stupid she is. Her comment about worker owned businesses shows her lack of knowledge. In a socialist government - the government owns everything!!! She obviously knows nothing about the days of Socialist Russia.

She’s talking about a co-op as an example of socialism, not eating sandwiches.

You’d have to strain a brain muscle in order to miss her point.

The only one covering her or proclaiming he is a “superstar” is Fox News and the CEC…


I don’t know how they could misunderstand her meaning.

How could they be so confused by a tweet?

“Superstar”? I dunno about that. Granted, she’s no Duncan Hunter…


It is an example of Democratic Socialism which she supports, not the Marxist kind the USSR tried to practice.

fallenturtle: your statement is a common, ridiculous argument/talking point by millennial liberals. It’s meaningless. If you actually understand something about what “Democratic Socialists” are touting and what traditional socialism embraces, you will know there is NO DIFFERENCE. It might also interest you to know that the early Nazi party referred to themselves in exactly the same way. Socialism is Socialism is Socialism. Every time, in every country, in history where it has been tried, it has not only failed but resulted in mass crime, poverty and general chaos. Truth. Ocasio-Cortez is an ignorant, rather silly little girl who is terribly impressed with herself, but is going to get a fast reality check by the big boys in Congress, who will not be impressed with her ignorant statements at all and will put her in her place quickly. I’ll be enjoying that.

The only thing more dangerous than a radical socialist is an ignorant one. Clearly she has no idea what socialism is. Freedom of enterprise - including co-ops - is not the fruitage of socialism. Useful idiot.

OMG! I can not believe people were so stupid as to elect this little girl. Her ignorance of just about everything is astounding, socialism, Jews fleeing Nazi Germany, even branches of government. We are so in trouble if the liberals are so ignorant that they will vote for people like her. It is very scary!