Corruption in Politics

I hope we can all agree, corruption is an issues in our Federal Government. Money is always a driving factor…
Here are some proposals that would help reduce, and in some cases. put a huge dent in the amount of corruption.


  • A lifetime lobbying ban for presidents, vice presidents, members of Congress, federal judges, and Cabinet secretaries.

  • Applying conflict-of-interest laws to the president and vice president, requiring them to place businesses into a blind trust to be sold off. They would also have to place assets that could present a conflict of interest — including real estate — in a blind trust and sell them off.

  • Multi-year lobbying bans for federal employees (both Congressional staffers and employees of federal agencies). The span of time would be at least two years and six years for those wishing to become corporate lobbyists.

  • Banning members of Congress and senior congressional staff from serving on corporate boards. The plan would also ban senior administration officials and members of Congress from serving on for-profit boards, no matter if they receive compensation for it or not.

  • Ban lobbyists from all fundraising activities, including political fundraisers or campaign bundling, and strengthen criminal anti-corruption statutes by redefining an “official act” to make politicians unable to accept gifts or payments in exchange for government action.

  • Requiring the IRS to release eight years of tax returns for all presidential and vice-presidential candidates as well as requiring them to release tax returns during each year in office. The IRS would also have to release two years of tax returns for members of Congress, and require them to release tax returns for each lawmaker’s year in office.

  • Banning members of Congress, Cabinet secretaries, federal judges, White House staff, senior congressional staff, and other officials from owning or trading individual stocks while in office.

  • Changing the rulemaking process of federal agencies to severely restrict the ability of corporations or industry to delay or influence rulemaking. Warren’s plan would restrict studies funded by groups with conflict-of-interest problems being considered in the rulemaking process, unless they go under a lengthy peer review.

  • Broadening the definition of a “thing of value” in campaign finance laws to go beyond money. Under the new definition, it could include opposition research from foreign governments.

  • Creating a new independent US Office of Public Integrity, which would enforce the nation’s ethics laws and investigate any potential violations. The office would also try to strengthen open records laws, making records more easily accessible to the public and the press.

  • Banning forced arbitration clauses and class action waivers for all employment, consumer protection, antitrust, and civil rights cases.

  • Boosting transparency in certain court cases by prohibiting courts from using sealed settlements to conceal evidence in cases that involve public health or safety.

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Let’s see if we can discuss, w/out immediately dismissing the ideas because the author is on the “other team”.

6, do you have any other thoughts?

Didn’t Trump say something about banning lobbyists?

most of thest would take amendments to the constitution. THe only sealed settlements are civil settlements and that should be permitted (that they be sealed).

Banning lobbyists is a great idea but it will never happen.


You posted a huffington post tweet.

I thought your boy was supposed to drain the swamp.

He decided to put them in his cabinet instead

Yeah. No.


Right…you guys think congress will ban their future wealth…seriously?

And then get the courts to find it Constitutional?

They all do at some point. Usually while campaigning.

He is.

I don’t tweet.

And next week he’ll be gone.

Yeah, everything is about you.

Not banning lobbyists. Banning on who can be lobbyists, specifically POTUS, and VP, and members of congress.

That would be constitutional.


I know, do you?