Corporate Executive Accountability Act

Senator Warren has introduced a bill that would hold CEO’s and executives accountable for iillegal activity and data breaches through negligence.

Some key parts that I really like.

VIOLATIONS DESCRIBED.—A violation of 21law described in this paragraph is— 22‘‘(A) any criminal violation of Federal or 23State law for which the covered corporation was convicted or entered into a deferred or non- 1prosecution agreement; 2‘‘(B) any civil violation of Federal or State 3law— 4‘‘(i) for which the covered corporation 5was found liable or entered into a settle-6ment agreement with any State or Federal 7agency; and 8‘‘(ii) that affects the health, safety, fi-9nances, or personal data of— 10‘‘(I) not less than 1 percent of 11the population of the United States; 12or 13‘‘(II) not less than 1 percent of 14the population of a State; or 15‘‘(C) any criminal or civil violation of Fed-16eral or State law, for which the covered cor-17poration was convicted or found liable, as the 18case may be, that was committed while the cov-19ered corporation was operating under a civil or 20criminal judgment of any court, a deferred 21prosecution or non-prosecution agreement, or 22settlement with any State or Federal agency re-23lating to a different criminal or civil violation. 24

PENALTY.—Any executive officer who violates 1subsection (b) shall— 2‘‘(1) for a first offense, be fined in accordance 3with this title, imprisoned for not more than 1 year, 4or both; and 5‘‘(2) for a second or subsequent offense, be 6fined in accordance with this title, imprisoned for 7not more than 3 years, or both.’’.

Start throwing CEO’s and executives in jail for breaking the law for profit.

What is not to love?

It is way past the time for us to start approaching corporate criminality or negligence that often harms large numbers of people with the same level of seriousness that we do a guy selling a joint or stealing a candy bar from a corner store. The rich and connected play by a different set of rules. Enough.


I support this 1000% – If a corporation is violating the law, the CEO should be held accountable and charged accordingly.

Alot of lobby money will be spent to make sure this never happens…


At first glance, I like it too.

Any chief willing to damage the tribe just for wampum should pay heap big price.

Having said that, I have no doubt it goes too far and is further encroachment. I’ll study on it some.

Definitely onboard for this piece of legislation. It’s overdue.
This better be bipartisan too.

They make the rules…which is why this goes nowhere without the people waking up- which they’ll never do.

Here’s three graphs that explain everything- the probability a law gets passed based on preferences of three different groups:

You can read the whole story here, with attendant definitions for each of those different groups.

Presuming some of you can suppress your innate tendency to want to scream out “Class Envy! Class Warfare!”


The left has been trying to encourage people to wake up for years. Remember Occupy Wall Street? The Consumer Protection Board? No matter what it is the result is the same. Conservative America unites to call them socialists/communists because the rich, powerful white men on the television and radio tell them to. And far too many moderates are all too willing to join in as well.

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It’s Elizabeth Warren. Even if someone on the right supports it, they won’t be able to do anything about it because there is no way they want to give her a win while she runs for President.

She is being pretty smart IMO, by presenting actual legislation that is really popular but will not gain traction by her GOP peers because of politics. But since it is Warren, the kneejerk will be derision instead policy… because that works much better to tickle the lizard brain.

The elites control the Democratic Party as well…do not allow yourself to be fooled.

And Occupy Wall Street has mostly its own participants to blame.

Those guys couldn’t have told a compelling story if their lives depended on it, and seemed bound and determined to make themselves as unlikable as possible.

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I cannot disagree with this.

Really! Does her bill include Congressional members or Administration Cabinet members and is it retroactive? The liberals new BFF and head of the FBI Comey said himself SOS Hilly was “negligent” with classified data so I say to Lizzie…LOCK HER UP!!

What’s not to love about that! :smirk:

Gosh, data breaches through negligence? Sounds real bad. And they should add Sec. of states to that law, don’t ya think?.


I am not sure what that has to do with anything being discussed here.

There are people in Equifax who should be in jail. Same with Facebook.