Coronavirus be damned, we are over looking the really important developments of today (3/15/20)

17 Week Regular Schedule!!! :smile:

1,019 players voted yes and 959 players against the new collective bargaining agreement. That was pretty ******* close. :smile:

The 17th game will likely not kick in until at least the 2022 or 2023 season, to give the league time to renegotiate broadcast contract agreements. Additionally, when the 17th regular season game kicks in, the 4th week of preseason will go away.

Playoffs expand to 7 teams from each conference, with a 3rd wildcard being added. Only the #1 seed will now get a first week playoff bye. So basically the three wildcards will play the three lowest seeded division champions during wildcard week. The playoffs will continue as normal after that. The playoff changes take effect immediately.

As compensation for the 17th game, players get an increased share of the league revenue.

I am not entirely sold on every aspect of this CBA, but then obviously neither were 49% of the players. :rofl:

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Nobody has anything to say about 17 games or expanded playoffs???

I likey

Trading a meaningless preseason game for a real game is a win for the fans.

I thought the really big news was Tom Brady going to…the Bucs?

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Probably all he has to do is produce a winning season for a team that is a perennial loser, and he will be crowned a hero. Anything more than that will make him a legend.

PS: I’m not a Brady fan. So this isn’t wishful thinking.