Cops get jail time for executing porcupines

I am not making this up. Maine cops get jail time for executing porcupines.

Where’s qualified immunity when the police need it? :thinking:

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The harshest part of their sentencing:

Good luck. :rofl:


Being cruel to animals isn’t right.


You always have a firm grip on the obvious. :sweat_smile:

Were they resisting?

Who the hell would do a ■■■■■■ thing like that?

These little Afghan ■■■■■■■■ have done a number on the troops. lol

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Aka I am glad they are seeking help.

They need it.


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I’m glad to see that the guys are no longer LEOs. Often abusive people have animal abuse in their backgrounds. These guys have enough red flags that they should never have official authority over other people.


This is for real.

During the pandemic we hosted a very small wedding for our friends at our house in Maine.

Small as in it was me and my wife, the couple getting wed and the officiant and her husband.

The officiant is a Maine State Chaplain, the widow of a slain policeman and the mother of the officer who turned these two dum dums in.

These guys were trouble and trash.

Good riddance to them.

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Why? Porcupines are basically harmless creatures unless they’re attacked. When I lived in mountains had one walked right pass me within 5 or 6 feet. Never once raise his hackles. Every other time they were just minding their own business.

It certainly isn’t. Take away their badges. This is sick stuff.

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