Contact your lawmakers

I live in California and pay 1.50 more for fuel, there is a mystery charge that amounts to about .50 Immigration, homelessness, healthcare, pick out some more wonderful facts and Post the phone numbers and addresses or media links, so people can contact those people who work for us to express our dissatisfaction. We need to peacefully harass them to get to work, reach across lines while tightening the money belt.

You pay 1.50 because, after the cal. blend cost, the gas companies are just ripping you off. :rofl:

Join up with Carl DeMaio, he’s been working on this since the new gas tax was approved by the voters in November

Every other overpass on the 405 near me is being retrofitted and redesigned, I am satisfied. There is tons of road work going on in Cali, everywhere I go!

And we already voted the gas tax repeal down. :sunglasses:

That repeal failed in the 2016 election. Try and keep up.

Wrong link, thanks for pointing that out.
The same guy with the same agenda. Updated website.

This is more a political vehicle for Carl DeMaio that anything else. It’s about getting him statewide name recognition.