Conspiracy Theory

I have been thinking about the Democrats and their plan to destroy Judge Kavanaugh. When they first found that he was on the short list, the plan began. They researched his background and found people that were within his personal zone and those that wanted to be. Ford was a wannabe. Ford was hypnotized and told a story they told her to remember. This was stored in deep, long-term memory and she thinks that it’s real.

Interesting conspiracy theory. Are you presenting it here because you believe it or because you are laughing at it? It is hard to tell from your tone.

Sounds plausible. I don’t know how we can ever beat back libruls when they have such advanced medical and magical techniques. I wonder if they hypnotized Donald Trump and placed deep into his long term memory that he is qualified to be president because he’s a stable genius. To make conservatives look dumb.

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If they did hypnotize Trump, then a patriot should read him the dictionary to find out what the trigger word is that unleashes Phase Two.

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I don’t think Trump is hypnotized.

Trump knows that Hillary is a secret lizard person, so it’s reasonable for him to know about the other lizard people still in government. I still want to believe Trump wants to make America great again, but he can’t very well tell the American public the truth about the Deep State lizard people. After Kavanaugh gets seated on the Supreme Court, and the other liberal Justices are forced out, he’s going to have a lot more flexibility in implementing his Final Solution.

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I think Ford is actually Hilary Clinton’s hidden younger sister and they have been plotting this ever since the Starr investigation. You could tell when they asked her where this alleged assault took place and she said “at this point what difference does it make”. She slipped but not everyone caught it.

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I caught it. I can confirm your account.

This is obviously payback from the Clintons. Even Kavanaugh agrees with you.

The Clintons have been setting this up for years. It’s rumored that Bill was actually “PJ”.

I heard people saying that too.

some people say “devil’s triangle” was actually invented by Hillary as she had to find a novel way to pay back Mephistopheles. It involved a quarter, a shot glass, and something so unspeakable it’s been stricken from the record.

It will be speakable next week. We just keep sliding down the hole.

“boofing” if you will.

I think my shadow is following me.