Conspiracy theorists confront Sutherland Springs massacre victims, claim incident was a hoax, and threaten to hang them

Two conspiracy theorists were arrested on Monday after repeatedly visiting First Baptist Church in Sutherland Spring, Texas, the site of the November massacre that left 26 dead, and both harassing and threatening members of the community. Robert Mikell Ussery and his girlfriend Jodie Mann, who goes by the moniker “Conspiracy Granny” online, believe that the shooting never took place and was created by the Department of Homeland Security. This is not the only incident they have targeted as they also believe that Sandy Hook and the recent shooting in Parkland are hoaxes devised by the government.

Ussery went so far as to confront the pastor, who lost his 14 year old daughter in the attack, and claim she never existed while demanding to see her birth certificate. Allegedly armed with a handgun at the time, he also claimed that “the people” would hang survivors of the massacre for helping to perpetrate the hoax.

Being a convicted felon in Texas he couldn’t legally vote at all.

Hopefully he does the full ten years.

Just another day in that loony place.

Mr. Ussery and his girlfriend are infectious human waste.

Damn…that’s ugly. He and his girlfriend need to be removed from society and let’s use their logic and just agree they never existed.

He should spend at least the next 10 years in a federal prison.

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It’s Texas.

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