Conservatives Need To Set Up thier Own Deep State

We need to push back against the Leftist Deep State by setting up our own, basically to fight fire with fire. The left has taken over the media, the bureaucratic state, & education. We need to infiltrate all those areas with as many conservatives as possible to stop the leftist propaganda, obstruction of our political allies with unconstitutional police & court actions, & indoctrination of the youth. We need to counter these efforts with the truth. The truth of history, the sciences, & dangers of leftist ideas, destructiveness, dangers, & goals.

Basically we need to do the things the left is doing to counter it all, only without the hate, illegal or unconstitutional actions, & with the goal of preserving liberty rather than tear down everything good about the country.

We need to be promoting the Constitution, Liberty, Freedoms of Speech, the Press, Religion, Arms, Thought, Opinion, Property, Parental Rights, Economic Freedom, Association, Movement, Unlawful Surveillance, Stop Civil Forfeiture, & Promote National Sovereignty. In short, Conservatives need to become teachers, professors, get government jobs - especially in the human resources departments, run for political office, get jobs in the media, & stand up to the left at every turn! If we don’t stand now we will lose it all… The left is way ahead of us, we need to catch up.

so you want the government to be political bias, just for Republicans.

isn’t that a tad authoritarian?

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Yeah, Cons, you get Right on that!


What do conservatives need to be a deep state? Like specifically?

It’s Ok…you can go to sleep.

There aren’t “lib monsters” hiding under your bed. It’s just your shoes.


What the OP is proposing is definitely ANTI TRUMPIAN.

That isn’t going to work as long as Obese Donald holds the spines in his hands of every Republican in Congress and many not there.

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Shoes are for Libs!

Real Conservatives wear boots, so they can always pull themselves up when they fall down, by their boot straps!

well its only Anti-Trumpian if Trump doesn’t abolish the Twenty-second Amendment and run for 9 terms.

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Places that aren’t shallow?

What’s stopping you?


No, you missed the point, or are you saying that is what the left is now doing? Hmmmm?

Perhaps the OP could produce irrefutable proof of this Leftist Deep State so you all can trace around it to make your Rightist Deep State base and work from there?

That is what people are suggesting when they claim there is a “Deep State”

they are complaining Democrat have co-oped the government to form a shadow government to remove power from the President which is silly since he seem to still have a lot of power.

Soooo…the left IS anti - 22nd amendment?

I was making a joke.


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The left proves it every day.

More so than when he got sworn in.


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No we don’t.

Come on, you can do better than that bogus cop out!

Give us some real irrefutable proof of this Leftist Deep State!

They all agin’ us.

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