Conservative comic

Well, a comic strip depicting conservative(Corporate) stances of the last 150+ years.

Thanks the gods for Liberals!

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I used to read the conservative comic “Day by Day” but in the last several years it’s dissolved into to cartoon soft core. Strange evolution.

Meh. Might have been funnier if it had included the CPI or COL for each of those years.

How would have been funnier?

Indeed, it is!

Except, it does follow the rule, of not being funny.

It’s freaking sad.

The GOP was the party that freed the slaves.

Then 25 years later, became the party of business, and has been ever since.

The only one I could recognize was from 1970 and Hubert Humphrey was a liberal. :sunglasses:

Please expound upon that…thanks.

CPI = Consumer Price Index
COL = Cost of Living

Can you elaborate on the specific events to which each panel of the cartoon refers?