Conservative beat up at Berkeley. No Free speech on campus?

No free speech in Montana?

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Prosecutorial discretion means that the attacker is likely to never face trial. Even if he does face a trial a jury from Berkeley is unlikely to convict especially given the feeble effort from prosecutors:

The poor innocent Trump supporter:


Conservatives aren’t allowed to have Freedom of Speech.

Only the Democrats are. It’s part of their Democratic Privilege. lol.

What conservatives are currently being arrested for speech?

Conservatives are hated upon, and discriminated against for trying
to have Freedom of Speech. A lot of it is simply called “political correctness”.
We’ve been through this several times.

so no one is taking away your right to speak, your upset that people are shouting back at you.

This tool was arrested:

His name is Zachary Greenberg and he is not currently a student at Berkely but has been in the past. He’s also been an employee of the University, apparently, in the past.

That has got to be worrisome to the Berkeley administration.


I’m glad they got him… I wonder if he will plea insanity from advanced TDS and media mind control…

Most Democrats are insane in general.

It sucks when someone gets beaten up for simply having their own beliefs.

Wasn’t their a movement like back in the 60’s or something?
Wasn’t their a lot of hatred ,and what’s the word?

it’s on the tip of my tounge. Dis………………….discrim…………………
Discrimination! That’s what it is!

It’s weird! Just because someone voted for Trump that they’re Discriminated against.
Hu. IT kinda contradicts what the Democratic Party has supposedly stood for
for what like 50+ years? womp womp!

Isn’t strategy a great thing?

If the Democrat Socialist Politicians can suppress Women, and suppress Republicans
Freedom of Speech, then they can make people fall in line faster,
and make more people conform to their ways easier.

More “Political Correctness”.

Not true.

You are even allowed to say things like this that are patently false.

lol. Maybe you can tell that to the women in the Democrat Party that are politicians,
that Joey Biden touched?

Or maybe tell that to the millions of Americans that are scared to ever say or
do anything that may be considered “Politically Incorrect”, for fear that they
may end up in jail, or fired from there jobs???

End up in jail? Explain that. Flesh that out for us. How does that happen, in real life? Paint us a picture.

You have freedom of speech
freedom from consequences

If your going to say racist stuff publicly its your own fault if your fired.

School affirms individual’s right to free speech, CNN reports it, no one here has said anything but that the assailant should be prosecuted. But let’s not let that get in the way of politically motivated hysteria:



It’s not my fault those conservatives are snowflakes.

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This guy hoping just such a thing would happen. It would be like me walking into a Hell’s Angels convention wearing a rival club’s patches and then saying “Gee, I can’t imagine why I got my ass kicked!”

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What does “snowflake” mean?

Sounds like a Racial term that Al Sharpton would use. lol