Consensual Petting cost student $12,000


I don’t give a damn if you believe me or not.


Vice versa, that’s the beauty of public forums, highlighting your purpose and ineptitude for others is good enough for me.


The sad thing is, most rape/sexual assault cases don’t make the news because they are SO COMMON.


Yep. The current system is unfair to women who have actually been assaulted too.




In fairness, the school did nothing wrong. They are required to take all such complaints seriously. They found the boy innocent; the $12,000 was his lawyers fee.

But this incident just goes to demonstrate the absolute insanity of political correctness and the current hysteria surrounding the #metoo movement. This girl was essentially brainwashed to believe that, even though she admittedly was equally “guilty” of initiating and participating in the mutual sexual activity, that she was obligated to report it as an assault merely because she had a change of heart days after it happened. I am so glad that I am not a late teen or twenty something boy in college. The dating atmosphere in our institutes of higher learning today is akin to the chances of encountering IEDs in Afghanistan.


False accusations of sexual assault are real and they destroy lives but we’re not supposed to discuss them?



No one but yourself and those of your ilk have said any such thing.


Yeah, isn’t that odd. Only the Trotskyites think the woman is a liar.


The point isn’t to play anecdote poker with stories.

The point is that mere allegation should not be sufficient to ruin someone’s life. Even if it’s only one out of a hundred that turn out to be a false allegation, it’s precisely the reason we have (or should have) due process in any case (not just sexual assault cases!)


You’ve been corrected on that before.

Doesn’t matter, of course. You will keep repeating THAT lie.


And in a prior thread of similar subject matter, they even went so far as to blatantly tell a conservative woman who said she had been raped that they don’t believe her.


It’s only the false equivalence to those viewing the discussion through their anti-conservative lenses.

The point is to show that mere allegation should not be sufficient to fuel negative action against the accused. We’ve lost the concept of due process in all this. A whispered rumor is all it takes now.

I agree. The risk is to the older man who faces an accusation reaching all the way back to his high school days.


It’s heartening to see you willing to label the Kavanaugh hearing a circus. Because that’s all it was. That’s all the carefully choreographed release of accusation was designed to create. Because without due process, that’s all it could have done – and it succeeded mightily.


All of it. Whether actual assault, or consensual behavior that went too far, or blatant false allegations – all of it – would be UNcommon if we would promote virtue in this society.

But no. “They’re gonna do it anyway…” We’re willing to handwave away the partying, hookup culture that envelop our youth, and then seem surprised when the consequences ooze to the surface.


I quoted this because it needs to be repeated.


Nothing is black and white, it can be a legitimate assault and politics at the same time.


Oh. Except all the lefties being positive that Kavanaugh’s accusers were telling the truth.

That was black and white to your 48 Senators.


Yep. Being accused of lying about being sexually assaulted because there is no evidence is almost as bad as being falsely accused of sexually attacking someone and being assumed guilty because there is no evidence. The first situation though can be mitigated with treatment, but the latter can (and probably will) go on for the rest of your life and there is absolutely nothing you can do about it.


What percentage of young American men who serve in Afghanistan get blown up by an IED. Are they in danger of that relatively rare random event?