Congressman George Santos Charged With Conspiracy, Wire Fraud, False Statements, Falsification of Records, Aggravated Identity Theft, and Credit Card Fraud

Thank you. A group of rinos from NY. LMAO!! See, His crime was winning.

As always… Gateway Pundit twists reality just enough to tell a completely different story.

The person in question is Samuel Armes who is a crypto bro in Florida who was in tight with Joel Greenberg.

Armes was in the same orbits as all of the people involved with the Proud Boys and the Oath Keepers… he wrote part of the 1776 document but not all of it.

He also wasn’t working for the government at the time.


This is why there will be no accountability in the GOP.

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And not Joe Biden and his family members?

You made my day! Thanks! I bet my husband a Chinese dinner that your reply would have the word “rino” in it. I’m in the mood for Mai Fun. Thanks again.


Write congressman Comer.

Charging credit cards without the consent of the card holders is not the crime of “winning”. Sometimes there are real crimes, even if the DOJ has damaged their own credibility in other instances.



And when did Congressman Comer become Attorney General of the United States with the authority to prosecute Joe Biden and his family members?

Did Joe Biden steal his donors’ credit card information, make unauthorized donations to his own campaign with those cards, and then transfer the funds to his personal account?

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Who do you think should initiate expulsion, other than a group from his home state?

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Biden did far worse and on a much larger scale.


The Democrat Party Leadership is not content with having turned NYC into a rat, garbage and crime infested ■■■■■■■■■ It has now saw fit to include in its infestation tens of thousands of poverty-stricken, poorly educated, low skilled, diseased, disabled, criminal, and terrorist illegal entrant foreign nationals.

He promised copious evidence about all the criming.

Thees probably a thread about that :hugs:

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Glad I could help. Enjoy the dinner. If he’s a dem I doubt you’ll collect though.

The truth is the truth. It’s only a 2 year term they are certainly worried he may win again. Ever wonder why? Anyone can be nit picked by the FEC. It’s as corrupt as any other federal agency.


Lets see how that turns out. Notice they want to get rid of him before he’s convicted of anything.
Remember when you believed a guard was killed on J6 with a fire extinguisher.

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listening to world nuts daily and thinking they post real news.



the over under for Santos prison term, once convicted is 10 years.

ill put you in for the under.


there is no chance of Santos winning another term, none.

wonder where you get that idea from?

politically speaking he is a dead man walking.


You still think they didn’t lie about the laptop and collusion…lol!