Congressional Districts: what kind of district are you?

Just to see where most of the forum is?

I dont want you to identify the district you live in (nor the state). (unless you want to.)

Here are the choices:

  1. Safe R
  2. Safe D
  3. Swing

I myself live in a swing district so my vote actually counts this year (used to be safe R BT (before Trump)

Its gonna be a proxy fight (Leonard Lance—R and trump supporter) VS. (Tom Malinowski–D and former Obama under secretary of Labor)



Safe D.

There probably will be a Republican running against my Representative, but no one will know who he is, and there won’t be any ads, either. We will be inundated with ads from two neighboring districts though, one which is very likely to flip from R to D. My resistance group(and others) is putting in a lot of work to flip it.

Live in a very safe R district

Congressional US 4th district, in Maryland(Rep. Anthony Brown)
very safe D

However, on the state level of governor, republican Larry Hogan is becoming somewhat popular. If Rushern Baker get the democratic nomination for governor, I’m betting Larry Hogan will trounce him. Baker is the county executive for my county and his entire time in office has been one of boobery, scandal, and cronyism. The residence of Prince George’s County can’t stand this dude and want him as far away from politics as possible. I’ll be voting for Hogan again.

They always call us a swing district, but it’s usually pretty safe D

I live in MI-11. It’s considered a swing, but leans R.

Cook has it R+4


Safe R. 70 percent GOP.

Safe R. Not likely to change any time soon.

My district is CO-7. Considered safe at this time. And Perlmutter’s been there a while.

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1st congressional district Maryland - 60% GOP. Voted about 60% for Trump, Romney, and McCain in the past 3 elections.

I’m in MI-8. It’s been R for the past 18 years. But fingers crossed. I always think of it as slightly gerrymandered to help Republicans. It only includes part of Lansing and stretches to the Detroit area. Oh and in 2012 they changed it to add Rochester Hills. Convenient.'s_7th_Congressional_District_election,_2018

I’m in MO-7th Congressional District, currently held by Billy Long.

Here is what Cook has to say for it…

The 2018 Cook Partisan Voter Index for this district is R+23, meaning that in the previous two presidential elections, this district’s results were 23 percentage points more Republican than the national average. This made Missouri’s 7th Congressional District the 24th-most Republican nationally.[4]

So I would say it is solid R.

Safe D. Running unopposed.

Are you from the Eastern Shore of Maryland or up near the Harve de Grace area?

Spent a lot of time on the Eastern Shore, went to UMES.

Bel Air - south of Havre de Grace.

Cool! Nice area up there.
I like Bel Air

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Mine was safe R but PA is goungbthrough a districting crisis and for this election must use a court-appointed map whoch now makes my distruct (PA-4) more likely to be a swing district.

I live in a safe R Congressional district. But I live in a purple state, and the Senate election later on this year is likely going to be close.

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Your going all in on Arpaio in the Primary, aren’t ya? :crazy_face:

I kid…I kid. :wink:

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