Congress gets what they deserve

I’m guessing a lot of people here don’t like Jon Stewart, but I’m also guessing this will illicit almost 100% agreement here. A Hannityland rarity.


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AOC is an amazing young lady.

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This is the New York celebrity we should elect.


Yep. Instead we have this clown who’s more worried about giving farmers more welfare money.

And a clown who’s more concerned about selling high tech weapons to the Saudis.


I can’t see myself agreeing with anything Jon Stewart is advocating for.

You can’t eat concrete.

I can’t watch the video right now. I will say this; any legitimate claims of health issues stemming from that attack and involving first responders should be resolved immediately and with as much as it takes.

And I will give Hildawg a thumbs up for her efforts on this issue.

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I think the technical term is “do-over”.

The arms deal is collateral for past or future loans, if you believe the people that are saying that.

There was a troll post. When it got deleted ther replies to it went as well.

Why is this taking so long to fix? We heard about this during the previous Congress. What is the hold up?


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It seems to me to be appalling that congress have not resolved this problem many, many years ago.

You can hate on jon all day for being a liberal hack but not a single person can refute what he said today.

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Perhaps Trump should forego his golfing exploits until those first responders and their families are unconditionally looked after.

Good for Jon. What he said was well deserved.

Perhaps the presidents before Trump, whose administrations were much closer to 9/11, should have taken care of this.

That would have to be one of the most spurious comments ever posted on any forum anywhere. The fact is that Trump is the current President of the USA. It is incumbent on HIM to ensure that this matter is dealt with now. If he is not capable of doing that or doesn’t want to he should tweet his resignation effective immediately.

Obama did do something about it. He signed the James Zadroga 9/11 Health and Compensation Act in 2010, after a long and tough fight with the Republicans in Congress.