Congress authorizes 3 additional Little Crappy Ships that the Navy doesn't want


Congress inserted three additional Little Crappy Ships, er, Littoral Combat Ships into defense spending bill, ships the Navy doesn’t want, but ships the Senators and Representatives of Mississippi and Wisconsin DO want, well actually they want the pork emanating from constructing the ships.

At the same time they were adding the additional ships, they were CUTTING funding for the mission modules for the ships, thus making the concept of the ships pointless. It is quite possible that none of the existing LCS’s will deploy in 2018, for numerous reasons.

The Navy has finally acknowledged that the LCS is a loser, but pork rules.

I believe that Congress should terminate the LCS and that the existing hulls, completed and under construction could serve their best purpose by being towed out to various locations, used for target practice and when they reach the bottom, becoming artificial reefs. :smile:


No surprise there. Congress keeps making the army buy Abrams tanks that they don’t want or need.


But hey, there is nowhere to responsibly reduce the defense budget, right?


Republican fiscal conservatism at its finest.


Thankfully trump had eliminated the debt so all this spending is from the surplus tax revenue…