Congress approves bill allowing the killing of sea lions... to protect salmon

How long before they are on the endangered species list

Have a shot of whiskey and reread the article, slowly. :smile:

Only a limited number of animals would be eligible for capture and euthanization, AT MOST 300 animals.

I think this measure is reasonable and it was bipartisan.

It is, of course, not nearly the full answer to declining salmon issues, but it is one necessary step in the process.

We are not talking mass slaughter, we are talking removal of selected problematic animals by Indians or the State government.

Here is the paragraph that needs to be read from the OP article:

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While there are several thousand California sea lions in the Columbia River estuary, only about 200 to 300 swim more than 100 miles upriver from the Pacific Ocean and would be eligible for removal, state wildlife officials say.

Didn’t read your own link, huh?

I hate lions. When I saw the Lion King I was rooting for the hyenas.