Congratulations Sean!

All of us who freely enjoy this forum provided by Sean should offer their congratulations on Sean’s and FNC’s record breaking performance. As users of the fairest forum you will find we should show our gratitude.

Let me be first. Congrats Sean!

Who’s next?


Awesome :champagne:

A hearty THANK YOU and Congratulations!!


62 replies and very little enthusiasm for the man who’s generosity provides us this forum. I was expecting a little more gratitude.

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Excellent numbers! I’m also grateful for this site. It’s a great place to come get information, vent, share, and sometimes laugh.

I worry each time the page goes off line for a few hours lol-- I tend to think the worse. I hope this forum stays around for years to come.


Been here a long time and really enjoy it! Thankful we have it and congratulations Sean!!

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Congrats to hannity. Well deserved.

Congrats Sean…

It will only get better from here.

Congrats Sean.

Congratulations, :tada: Sean!

Thanks for the Forum!

You’re a great American Sean.


Thanks Sean for a great fair and balanced forum!

Congratulations to Sean! I hope he becomes as successful as Rush Limbaugh.

Congratulations Sean & glad to have you! You are a national treasure!

I have been on this forum since shortly after it’s inception.

It’s not hard when your the only conservative news outlet on the air. Fox has the market to themselves.

It’s a brilliant idea and it works great. I dunno why my cable provider doesn’t carry OANN , I’d like to watch them too.

Congrats Sean! I love your program. Used to listen to the radio show frequently in the mid-aughts.