Congratulations FOX news!

Great work Sean, Laura and all of the talented people of FNC. Taking the top six places in cable news ratings. Clean sweep. How did they do this? Their people are not bitter, angry mean or BORING. They don’t try to depress you. They are upbeat and entertaining. Congrats!

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Amen to that. Fair, balance. And unafraid.

Fox has been the most watched network for like a decade.

That’s because CNN is too stupid to change their business model to compete with FOX. FNC is lucky to have such nit wits as competition.

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Hannity will be the most watched show tonight he average like 4-5 million.

That’s right because if I’m not being entertained, it’s #FAKENEWS!




The House is back to beating the dead horse of impeachment again?

Maybe they should start an investigation of Trump because he called it the Wuhan virus. :roll_eyes:

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No the OPer posted a story from December.

Wait, the link in the OP is from December. What is the point of this thread?

The FoxNews team is WAY COOL and ENTERTAINING!

Just tossing ■■■■ at the walls to see what sticks

Damn me! I didn’t look at the date.


I actually think some of the best reporting on the virus has been on Tucker Carlson’s show. I can tell how effective he’s been by how many Yahoo stories tried to put him in a bad light. This week, they’re all over Laura Ingraham, so she must be doing something right.

Fox just has a better, more current, more entertaining talent base. CNN and MSNBC look just plain stale next to them.

A decade of misinformation and dishonesty. I’m quite sure FNC is very proud of this accomplishment because folks are getting paid and have become millionaires at the expense of ignorance. kudos! :clap: :raised_hands:

The world we live in…in large part we have Tucker Carlson to thank for President Trump finally taking the threat seriously.


Maybe we should hand Tucker a Presidential Medal of Freedom also for his hard work and contributions.

Wow. We are going to take up bandwidth to make a thread on April 1 about something that happened last December? This is lame.