Condoleeza Rice- head coach of the Browns? Help me out here, please

Don’t head coaches usually have coaching experience?

Did you read the article? She said in no way would she consider it. She’s not a coach. She tongue in cheek says she’d like to call a few plays…in fun. But she’s not interested. The GM says they aren’t even considering it. She has no coaching experience…and she’d no Donald Trump…uniquely qualified from day one based on all of his political experience. She’s never even been involved in any kind of coaching. She’d lose the locker room the moment she was named. It’s some kind of joke…

True, however, she has long (at least going back to when she worked for Bush) said that her dream job is to be the Commissioner of the NFL.

Yeah, I saw that. Obviously they’re not serious about it, but just want some good PR. But while we’re at it, let’s think of some equally ridiculous examples. Maybe Obama can be the next Bulls coach. W would do a great coaching for the Texans. And I could totally see John Kerry as the Red Sox’s manager. He would look awesome in a baseball uniform.

Doesn’t mean she knows coaching. Two different things. And I’d rather see her be president!

And maybe it’s time to let a woman have that job. I’m sure many would agree Goodell has hardly been stellar.

I know. That’s why I prefaced my statement with “true.”

She was never in consideration for a coaching job. They wanted to talk to someone with leadership experience to see what lessons they could learn about leadership in their search for their next head coach. Given her credentials she absolutely has things she could say about leadership.

Goodell is a clown for sure

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Thanks! The men really outnumber the women here don’t they, especially in football threads. :joy:

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