Concerning the environment

No, just basic physics and exhaust per RPM.

actually for a given distance being travelled, their is more fuel burned while standing still and idling than driving without delay. pretty basic.

of course you would be correct if distance shortened.

for instance explain why cars get better mileage on the hwy than city and then bring city traffic to a standstill with cars running all day.

which burns the most fuel?

But that wasn’t your point, it was that congested areas are the “problem”, which is nonsensical.

How many cars are “congested” around a movie theater versus a traveling on a freeway in the same time period?

Just because a few hundred cars are traveling slowly though a shopping center does not make them a “problem” relative to hundreds of thousands on adjacent freeways.

If you want to pay hundreds of dollars to watch sports in a tiny plastic seat hundreds of feet from the field with a bunch of strangers, be my guest. Fewer and fewer people think that’s fun.

your mind is very small,

and the stadiums are packed.

No, they’re not.

Golf really could be banned. It takes an extraordinary amount of water to keep courses functional especially so in dry places like Arizona.

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They also use ridiculous amounts of pesticides and herbicides and kill nuisance animals, which are pretty much all animals.

The ultimate elitist activity. Let’s use a bunch of land ,resources, and money on something so few can enjoy. George Carlin had a great bit on how much he hated golfing.


Waste of a perfectly good known distance range.

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Malcolm Gladwell’s hatred of golf will resonate with you then!

California Proposition 13 is the topic of his ire - he notes how the LA Country Club manages to pay $200k/year in property taxes on what would normally be ~$90m/year.

The same for NYC. The subway, despite its problems, is by far the best way to get around town.

as long as you don’t use a plastic straw

That’s a baseball issue. Not a live sport issue. Globally live sports are just as popular as they have ever been.

started using silicone ones. Dish washer safe.

I don’t know about globally, but in the United States MLB attendance is down, NFL attendance is down, NHL attendance is flat. Of the big four sports, only the NBA hasn’t seen recent attendance problems.

smaller stadiums that are full and bad traffic

Smaller stadiums of the future. Current stadiums are NOT full.

Suburbs are going to go extinct.