Concerning the environment

I am wondering what the impact would be if we banned all sporting and entertaining events. The traffic congestion is just terrible. Like a CO2 farm. This could also be said about shopping areas and movie theatres. Come to think of it toll booths often have congestion.

So, if the answer was electric cars it would be easy. Except power plants generate emissions when they produce electricity. So obviously wind and solar come to mind.

So maybe , we just need to stop people gathering for shopping and entertainment until we are powered by wind and solar.

A little drastic. I’d rather invest more in public transit to get cars off the road. Besides, who the hell likes sitting in traffic when trying to get home from a game ? I’m lucky to live in a place where I don’t have to do that.


Where? How have you never heard of EZ Pass?

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I lived in Chicago for a bit and the public transportation was great.

And then you have environmental weenies buying ■■■■ from Amazon and having em delivered individually to there apartment/studio box. :wink:

Yeah, the el train is great. This is the ideal transit - where it doesn’t have to compete against other traffic or deal with stoplights on the ground.

Chicago is one of my favorite cities, btw.

FYI, for anyone reading, you can have Amazon hold onto your packagers and deliver them at the same time.

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“Congestion” is not worse than cars simply diving on a road.

With modern home entertainment tech, the comfort of one’s own couch, the cost of going to games, and the security and hassle, huge sports events won’t be banned, they’ll just go away. I think sports stadiums of the future will be smaller in general.


You leave Amazon alone!

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we need to stop consuming or we may all die

how do you get to the train station and what does the train get power from.

Specially those water bottles that libs love so much. What are they made out of again?

it’s either bus or train and i walk. combination of fuel/electricity.

it is delivery that is a problem, even if you walk you exhale CO2.

mustn’t walk

No eating babies?

maybe you need to get out more.

“There’s too much consumin’ going on out dere!”

from memory

hydrocarbons, water is killing us all.