COMRADE-MAYOR: De Blasio Suggests ‘No Indoor Dining’ Until Doctors Develop CoVID Cure

Maybe NY is in play for Trump…

NJ is going to allow indoor dining soon. They may have already. I forget. There are no “Your own household” restrictions. But plenty of other restrictions to make it too much of a bother for me to go.

Look up health passport Ireland. Look for them to try something like that here.

NJ restaurants have had outdoor dining since June and other than spacing out tables there are no restrictions. The pizza/pub I like to go to had a baby shower last Saturday; they took a quarter of the outdoor tent and had a group of about 35 - 40 people.

I think limited indoor dining begins on Friday.

NYers get what they voted for…enjoy your turd.

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Because his first term wasn’t that bad.

The stuff that he did wrong surrounding housing issues didn’t really rear it’s head until into his second term.

But no one likes him for a myriad of reasons. His inability to get the NYPD under control is among the main ones.

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No. He said he would follow the advice of scientists. However, since there are a large number of medical practitioners who agree with Trump, at any point where they think it expedient to change their policies, they can simply start to lean on a different bunch of experts and blame everything before that on the Faucists.

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I know about the outdoor, just didn’t remember when indoor was supposed to open. I’ve been to the outdoor bars on multiple occasions this summer.

My wife was just at an outdoor bridal shower under a tent. No restrictions what do ever.

DiBlasio is going to have a revolt on his hands if he doesn’t back off of this.


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