COMRADE-MAYOR: De Blasio Suggests ‘No Indoor Dining’ Until Doctors Develop CoVID Cure

From the site. Honestly i am not surprised meanwhile rich wealthy democrats/Liberals are dinning themselves in restaurants as mock us.

De Blasio suggested that there would be no more Indoor Dining’ Until Doctors Develop CoVID Cure or a until vaccine which might be unsafe. A vaccine by johnson and johnson which also has caused the posnisn baby powder and that injured babies and liberals are hoping that a vaccine is a real cure? and what happens if the Covid just burns itself at some point?

Businesses and restaurants wont survive like this let alone if people start being ill from a vaccine. Well this is is a mayor who is a supporter of Joe Biden so you shouldlnt be surprised.


I have heard this same nonsense that there is no return to normal until a vaccine happens. When the swine flu pandemic happened, the vaccine of the swine flu caused more injures then the swine flu.

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Vaccine not cure.

He is an idiot.


Vaccines and mandotaroy lockdowns dont help. Yet Joe Biden is in favor of Mandatory lockdown which i am agaisnt. Another lockdown would destroy the economy. Healthy food, diet and exercise is what will help people and sunlight.

I dont remember reading about the Spanish flu having mandatory lockdowns as heavy as what is happening today’s society.

That’s silly. We can do indoor dining while reducing maximum capacity, spacing out tables, capping a number of people seated at an individual table, restricting alcohol service and asking that people dine only with others from their household.

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If there are options for those joints they have the option to dine outside the building and while you place the orders inside so this leftist mayor in NYC is the worst mayor i had seen in years. God help us if Biden wins or if this mayor wins again.

He didn’t say that. He said develop a cure for the Coronavirus pandemic.

Well then he is even dumber than i look

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De Blasio is an idiot and an even worse leader than Trump. I can assure everyone that there will be some form of indoor dining by the time the weather gets a little colder.

Basically no one like DeBlasio.

Y’all know liberals hate DeBlasio more than you guys do, right?

DeBlaso was talking about what happens when it gets too cold this winter to have outside dining.

Biden never said that he was in favor of a lock down. He did say that he will consult with the Scientists. And if they say that a lock down is necessary then he might do it.
In some areas the curve is not flatting out.

Take a look at California, Florida, Georgia and Texas.
If we can control the virus spread we can control the economy.

This. 100%

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Well Bless his heart. :roll_eyes: :roll_eyes: :roll_eyes:

We’re pretty much back to 100 percent open here on restaurants. Some at 50 percent capacity and some at 100 percent. Up to the owners now.

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That’s exactly how a lot of communities stoped the spread of the “Spanish Flu.”

They should look into Hydrixychloroquine. There is a NIH Virology Journal study from 2005 that says it has a “strong antiviral effect against SARS CoV.”

Keep calling stuff communist. The discourse can’t get any more stupid.

Well technically both China and Russia already has the vaccine and Russia at least has been giving it to their population. I sure as hell wouldn’t take that shot but he could order up some.

I am starting to see this, how did he manage to win a second term or did he just change after winning second term? Don’t really keep up with NYC politics so much but am curious

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