Comey is like a b movie

Comey is a freak or someone who is nuts. There is not much difference between he and hillary.

Comey blasts and mocks departing deputy AG Rosenstein and goes off on a tangent about reality as Comey sees it. I cannot imagine how Comey became in charge of the FBI. He is a good illustration of what is wrong with top government management.


Sounds like the Jokester-in-Cheif.

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Lol, Comey sounded as straightforward and forthright as they come last night. I believe him.

Is he perfect? No. Did he make mistakes? Yes. Is he honest? Yes.

But apart from all of that, he continues to be willing to testify in front of congress…again.

Who can you think of that won’t do that?

Straightforward and forthright is a humorous term to use regarding someone who leaked his memos taken while working through the FBI and set up a friend as third party so they could not, he thought, be traced back to himself.

A third of our country now trashes people like Mueller or soldiers/vets. Of course Comey will be trashed.

And all to project a New York City con man who loses money faster than his supporters lose interest in the National Debt.



I saw the town hall yesterday, it was pretty good.

Trump accomplices complaining about Comey supposedly mocking somebody?


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Is Comey going to get indicted soon??

That was a major shock to me when trump said that POW where losers because they got captured. For sure the GOP voters would toss this scumbag out on his ears for saying such a horrid thing. Now I see that losers in GOP just use us Vets for political points and actually have little respect for us that got injured over in war or where captured. Too bad my bone spur I had when I was over in Iraq did not get me out of serving like it did with Trump. But I guess need a rich daddy to bribe a doctor to get that.

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When you are heading for the hangman’s noose, you either a) become very lucid about what is important, or b) you panic and your mind disintegrates. In Comey’s case it’s b).

The opposite of reality.

James Comey is a man of honor.
I learned of him after the 2004 Ashcroft incident and since admired his integrity.


It’s downright hilarious! :joy: and crazy :crazy_face: at the same time! It’s a prime example of the “turn like a worm” mentally of political leftists who hated him for what he did to Hillary but now that he is their anti-Trump hero!

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Comey gave immunity to Hillary’s IT guy who while under a Congressional subpoena, used bleach bit on her servers. Tell me…what did your “honest” guy get in return?

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You are funny ha ha ha1

Who is the trump accomps, bro?

Did the homey, detective Comey try to blackmail Prez Trump with phoney dossier? :star_struck:

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Hillbillary Clinton conspired with foreign intelligence operatives to influence the election. The real collusion was on her side of the aisle. :thinking:

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If Comey was like a b movie, where are the killer tomatoes?