Come on Texas! It's Time

so when texas leaves does that mean that austin,houstin,san antonio and dallas, the blue parts of texas get to split off from what willbe the failed republic of texas???
because without those places teh rest of teh state will become a 3rd world ■■■■■■■■

Good to see Texas catching up with Missouri on gun rights. :sunglasses:


Missouri - home of the original gunfighters.

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Cool…Guns for everybody!

There is a mechanism for removal of rights. Your “question” indicates a fundamental lack of understanding of the principles of several things; rights, due process, prior restraint, etc.

You don’t “allow” me to carry a gun.

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I did.

If someone is too dangerous to own a gun they are too dangerous to be walking around free. Why? Simple, because guns aren’t remotely the only way to kill people and in addition obtaining a gun illegally is easy.

Really?..The mentally challenged, vets with bad PTSD etc,.shouldn’t be allowed to walk around free?

Not if they are truly too dangerous to own a gun. For the reasons listed above.

Should you be allowed to carry a gun? Vote? Prove it.

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He might go off and say something really bad at any moment, he should be tested for mental illness before being allowed to post here.

Nice dodge…Both of ya…lol

It’s not a dodge at all.

I would have no idea on how to buy a gun illegally. Craigslist? I assume a gun show might work, but those are are legal sales, aren’t they?

I know

So gun rights are being infringed upon, in Utah?

Where in the Constitution does it say anything about a background check?

Incredibly easy, step one, find a poor person, step two, offer them twice the cost of the gun to buy it for you. That’s it.

In Utah yes, by Utah, no.

Are you a prohibited person?

It’s what my grandmother used to call a sticky wicket.

Upon conviction of certain crimes, you loose some of your constitutional rights. Upon release from the prison some of your rights are restored, some are not.

My personal preference on voting and gun rights. You loose from for 10 years from completion of the sentence (that includes prison time any paying of any fines/fee’s). You get busted again and sent to prison again . . . clock starts over after your sentence is completed.


I also do not live in the 1850’s

Then you can’t buy one illegally unless you knowingly buy it from a prohibited seller or buy it for someone else.

The 1850s were much more civilized.