COLUMBUS CANCELED: Mass. City Replaces ‘Columbus Day’ with ‘Indigenous Peoples’ Celebration | Sean Hannity

The city of Somerville, Massachusetts announced their plans to ditch the annual Columbus Day festivities this year; instituting a new celebration in honor of the region’s ‘Indigenous Peoples.’

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What’s wrong with celebrating indigenous peoples? It’s their town.

Even if they want to celebrate something that’s reprehensible to some, like Hillary Clinton’s birthday, they should have every right to celebrate it.

This was a really good Sopranos episode. First season, Columbus Day event cancelled because of pressure from indigenous groups, mob freaks out. Heh.

I like how people think this is some random liberal freakout. Columbus was not only not the first European in America, but he was a brutal governor who enslaved and killed natives. He was a ■■■■ stain on humanity who was trying to find a trade route to India so he could pay for a crusade. Not only should he not have a day, he should be vilified.

There is no reason to celebrate Columbus.
FTR…he didn’t discover a damn thing, but new ways to be cruel and kill of people.