COLLUSION CRUMBLES: Lawyer Says Mueller Won’t Release Report, Probe ‘Terrible Waste of Time’ | Sean Hannity

President Trump’s former lawyer during a pivotal phase of Robert Mueller’s Russia-Collusion probe slammed the never-ending investigation Tuesday; saying he “doesn’t think there’ll be a report” and calling the entire operation a “terrible waste of time.”

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This has been a horrific waste of valuable, government resources, finances, time, personel and distraction of a large number of the population of the American people. Talk about trying to influence votes! How do we know what kind of percentages, this Clinton inspired investigation, affected midterm election or has caused the splintering derisiveness in this nation to widen. What an awful misjustice that needs to be laid back at the corrupt feet of the initial instigators of the fabrigated mess. They need to be held liable monetarily and legally for the whole horror show!

What is going to be done about this? Instead of constantly whining, why not declassify and release ALL docs? The continual investigations are doing nothing but diving this country even further apart.

The fact that NOTHING is EVER done about this type of criminal behavior will only encourage it in the future.

What do we the people need to do in order to get justice???!!! We ARE FED UP!

What will be done about this. Will all the time wasters and resource wasters, money wasters just fade away. Why can’t they be charged like the Clinton’s, etc group? Why is the US government and nation standing behind these people that have practically destroyed America. American lives were LOST because of THEM! Ben Gazi… People’s lives destroyed…

I boggles my mind… j

Who gives a crap about the waste of time! How about the president who has delivered BIg time and got no recognition except for being super unfairly treated by Fake news and the Dem. morons, elected officials and mindless Walking Dead obeying imbeciles that looked to crucify him 24/7 and discredit him at every opportunity calling him crazy, incompetent, misogynist, traitor, Russian spy and so much more of disgusting name calling! And what is their response now, an apology? Not on your life, all these animals are hiding! How about now undertaking the prosecutions of real traitors and collusionists, if there is such a word, starting with Obama, the master puppeteer, Crooked Hillary, Comey, Brennan the liar and traitor, the hierarchy of the FBI & CIA and the disgracing the Fake News, starting with the serial moron Acosta & CNN! Not forgetting the Dem. voters who allowed themselves, through party line, to be pushed into believing all these lies, distortion and criminal maneuvering.Also, think of all the people and their families that have been decimated, made penniless and emotionally damaged, all for POWER, sought by the DEMS, OBAMA who is still directing underground subversion to restrict and hurt the President and the country! Lastly, give the president the help he needs to complete the MAKING AMERICA GREAT AGAIN! Obama and the rest of the Dem collaborators, Pelosi , Schumer and the rest are on record for building walls, but now they declare walls immoral and refuse to give him the funding needed to gain control of America’s borders, to protect Americans! What is $5. 75 million out of trillions of annual budget to save American lives from drugs that are killing 60, 000 a year, of illegal criminals killing Americans, of billions spent to support illegals and more to deal with the chaos they create! And lastly allow the president to continue to better America and the world and don’t allow the Dems to bamboozle the country! The new crop of naive imbeciles demanding stuff that has proven to be destructive!

Time to do the full circle, bring the liability back on the department, every soul involved or in charge, especially the in Charge dictatorship of this witch hunt. Money spent, Time wasted, hit them where it hurts false accusations against POTUS must require actions of the highest penalty and waste of the American Patriots Treasury. Put back the Treasury money of every dime spent to include triple penalty with a 15 year prison penalty for first offense would clean their minds, which has been poisoned from the Al Gore warped brain effect of Global Warming.

If we wait long enough the Democrats will figure out a way to tax this eternal investigation…and the money will go to pay for spreading paranoia and indictments every after every election…green goes energy!!!

Ending a never ending investigation means newspapers will lose a ton of money…Why do you think Mr. Bezo owns WAPO…I’m wondering where Mr. Mueller is getting his funding?