CoJ is at it again

The Democratic party of the 1800’s, up until about 1965, had racist members primarily in the south.

Since then, the party that has racist members in the south, is the Republican party.

That is today’s reality.

But yet you still fly the democrat banner. How is that any worst then flying the confederate flag?


I have absolutely no problem talking about racist Democrats from the 1800’s.

I am all for it.

They weren’t the “Left” though.

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I never said they weren’t democrats. It was you who decided to redefine democrats.

I do? The only banner/flag that I fly is the American flag.

I am not aware of a “democrat” banner.

I did not put the left in the democrat party. They were always there. Seems the only one who left the democrat party were the liberal.

The left snd democrats are not synonymous. They aren’t now. They werent in the 19th century. This is why history is important. So people don’t just make things up as they go.

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Regarding one of the instances used as an example of violence at school board meetings that requires the federal government to protect school board members from domestic terrorists:

Judge for yourself.

Loudoun County father arrested at school board event says school tried to cover up daughter’s bathroom assault | Fox News

Other boys in that school should become men and beat the freak put of that ■■■■■■■■ again that’s just me.

Well, the point is that the letter asking the feds in to protect school board members used that as an example of someone being arrested for disrupting a meeting.
So every time someone gets upset because their daughter is attacked in a mixed gender bathroom at a school, I guess they are a terrorist.


I guess i would have to be a “terrorist” if someone attacked one of my daughters or grandaughters like that. :wink:


No history is what it is. Democrats are the left.

That’s of course not true but probably knowing history and learning history would have been helpful.

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Was Andrew Jackson a leftist?