CO-05 Doug Lamborn tossed off primary ballot by State Supreme Court

all us liberals are going to miss his wit and general good humor of good old Doug

Unceremoniously tossed off the ballot for violating CO election laws.

some of fellow R’s filed a lawsuit against him

“Shortly thereafter, a lawsuit was filed by five Republicans from the congressman’s district challenging whether two of the signature gatherers hired by his campaign were Colorado residents as required by state law.”

Maybe in two years you will follow state election law.


Don’t expect his seat to flip to (D). 5th Congressional district is about as deeply red as it gets.

I’ve grown disillusioned with the guy over the years. He once was the conservative’s conservative in the House (at least his voting record was), but he has morphed increasingly into an Establishment creature as of late.

Time for a fresh conservative from this district. I’m just concerned that one of the “moderate” RINOs who were running against him might win the primary now.

There’s no such thing as a “fresh” conservative. :-1:

Its not flipping just going to have a different republican.