CNN, MSNBC now running only taped clips of White House press briefings


Good to see this. Both are now just airing newsworthy clips and being more discriminating rather than air the whole press briefing. I had wondered if they’d ever do it. The alphabet networks never aired them. The 24-hour cable networks shouldn’t waste time doing it either.


This should have happened during the early months of this administration when it became clear they were going to relentlessly lie about basically everything.



These are 24 hour news cable networks. What are they saving the air time for? It just looks like they don’t want to air any positive news about the administration, which surely they would have to, if they show the whole presser.

That’s fine, because a lot of people who enjoy the pressers will turn to others who will show them in their entirety - Like Fox, perhaps?

Really, really dumb.



“People who enjoy the pressers”

Do these people exist? And there’s about one press briefing every two months, who cares.


[quote=“MarkyS, post:3, topic:151602, full:true”]

These are 24 hour news cable networks. What are they saving the air time for? [/quote]

They want to air facts, not propaganda and untruths which this admin. has been known for, especially from Sanders.

No, it’s very smart. Newspapers don’t print transcripts of the pressers. No reason for TV to run them. Fox, however, can do what it wants and I’m sure it will.

Add: You can bet, however, if there’s a hard news situation, the pressers will get aired.


I guess some do, judging by a comment in this thread. I never liked them even when Obama was president. There’s a lot of dead air. TV viewers don’t want to see that.


So msdnc is actually airing something newsworthy? Thats a shocker



Bread and butter


Nothing new at msdnc airing reruns. Its not like they have anything worth watching.


The media Trump says he hates so much actually MADE him. Unfortunately, the press/media gave us this disaster.

The problem is, Trump is an absolute train wreck, and the media are a bunch of whores who have never been able to restrain themselves from covering his pathetic behavior.


Did it ever occur to Trump supporters that trump gets negative press because he deserves it? Oh that’s right, elitist coastal silver spoon Donnie is a victim! LOL! He’s really got his base’s number. Con men always do.

Oh the irony of the first and last words in the post I quoted!


I have also felt many in the press paid Trump respect he never earned or deserved.

So often they tried to give him the benefit of the doubt, only to have it bite them in the butt. Anytime he gave a clearly totally scripted speech where someone wrote something uncharacteristically sensible for him to say, the press would act like Trump has “finally become the President of the Untied Sates!” Only to see him make one dumb offensive comment after another immediately following that.


Could there be anything more joyful than watchung a bunch of fake news pundits throwing a tantrum about trump? I would say not. He gets free publicity and his campaign is funded in part by the media constantly airing him.


No one wants to listen to Ol Wonky Eye spew lie after lie.


Who is throwing tantrums? Got names?


That’s good. That’ll give them time to prepare their opposition and be able to run it right after the WH clip and keep their sheople fed properly.


Tantrums havent stopped since trump won. One of my personal favorites was from communist van jones calling the election a white wash. But in context of this thread boycotting press briefings is a tantrum.


Van Jones reports news from 5-7pm or is he part of the later crowd that has opinion shows like Maddow, Don Lemon, or Sean Hannity?


Airing sections of a presser is not throwing a tantrum, it’s simply providing hi lites of the important issues.


just like the pathetic media to pick and choose the message to help their political agenda