CNN Links Hannity to De Niro Bomb – SEAN Fires Back Hard | Sean Hannity

Just minutes after the identity of the suspect behind this week’s vicious and hateful attacks on our democracy was released, the mainstream media wasted no time in finding the true culprit behind the despicable acts: Conservatives, Republicans, and President Trump.

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Mr. Hannity, you should expect nothing less from Operatives of the Democrat-Communist-Islamic-Nazi Terrorist Organization.
God Bless America and President Donald J. Trump, an American Hero MAGA

The Communist News Network has no message, no news, no platform on which to stand.
As a result, they must create their own news, the majority of which is FAKE.
To blame Sean Hannity for the De Niro bomb is another example of CNN’S desperate attempt to garner ratings…which they will never be able to achieve BECAUSE THEY HAVE NOTHING LEGITIMATE TO SAY!!

It’s hilarious that Obama says that Trump needs to be more civil with calling the MSM enemies of the people when he told us Christians and Trump supporters to get off our high horse! I can’t believe that they won’t acknowledge that their own rhetoric is enough to make a crazy person go after them! Juan Williams is one of the worst only claiming that it’s Trump’s rhetoric that is at fault! Greg Gutfeld stopped Juan Williams in his tracts saying that liberals are so hypocritical giving lessons to conservatives about civility after Bill Ayers, a real terrorists and bomber was a mentor to Obama, the MSM calling us Racists, Nazis, etc., and the liberals like Madonna saying that she was staying up all night thinking about blowing up the WH, and Johnny Depp saying that somebody should think about assassinating Trump, and that’s not all… Cathy Griffin chopping off Trump’s head and the play Hamilton stabbing Trump look alike. They are spewing out much more vile rhetoric than Trump ever did but will never take the blame and be accountable themselves!