CNN Links Hannity to De Niro Bomb – SEAN Fires Back Hard | Sean Hannity

Just minutes after the identity of the suspect behind this week’s vicious and hateful attacks on our democracy was released, the mainstream media wasted no time in finding the true culprit behind the despicable acts: Conservatives, Republicans, and President Trump.

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Thank you Sean for the truth you tell and the freedom you protect

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My biggest concern was brought to my attention by my 10 year old grandson. He asked “why does CNN not respect our President?”

This acting out in ways of violence, blaming, finger pointing, rhetoric, in people’s faces must be ended. The problem is who will take that first step? Yes, we see biases on both sides of the media. Mainstream media going beyond civility in their “never Trump” or their distain, disrespect and actually pure hatred for President Trump. What do you think would happen if President Trump et. al. ceased the negative comments about the mainstream media and pressed them, instead, to present the news without personal biases. President Trump is a great negotiator. I would be very inclined to think that in the light of all this chaos of the pipe bombs, the shooting at a synagog and the harassment that President Trump and all the media would have enough compassion for the people of our great United States to STOP all of this political rubbish.


Sue the guy and the network of CNN for defamation and see how fast that garbage is silenced

It’s always the bullies that scream the loudest when something happens to them. And it is NEVER their fault.

Sean could not have said it better. CNN and the left have been stoking violence ever since Trump announced. Are they so stupid they forgot it is all on videotape? Yes.

Thank You So Much Sean for Standing Up; for Standing against this ATTACK on President Trump and this ATTACK on You BECAUSE You Stand Up in DEFENSE of Your President, President Trump, against them !

Thank You also for this clever way of breaking down the ATTACK and Your DEFENSE. Simple people like me can (almost) follow and comprehend the way these Evil ‘people’ like John Avlon and msm cnn OPERATE !

President Trump is being TREATED VERY POORLY; VERY UNFAIRLY. He is UP AGAINST half the Population of America who are being HOOD-WINKED; BRAIN-WASHED BAMBOOZLED LIED to by the likes of the ‘Soros PROPAGANDA’ and their AGENTS i. e. the VERY FAKE VERY FALSE msm such as cnn nyt wp and others. These LEFTIST GLOBALIST OBSTRUCTIONIST so-called ‘liberals’ can be described as GODless MAD Evil Nasty Bitter Twisters of the Truth; tellers of half-Truths; tellers of LIES. None more so than cnn nyt wp. They are now described as being under the influence of the TRUMP DERANGEMENT SYNDROME …. which is really, actually, factually, FIRED by the HATE HATE HATE within themselves for their very-own-President, President Trump. Right. SAD SAD SAD.

This Nasty Bitter Evil little ‘punk’ Avlon is just ONE of the WORST of the WORST ‘presenters’ and ‘announcers’ and so-called 'panelists’on cnn. I can name others who are perhaps just as Evil and Avlon is. Many, I can name.

You just Keep On Standing Up with the Truth, Friend Sean Hannity. GOD is with You and with Your President, President Trump, Sir.
So are we. So are many many MILLIONS right around-the-whole-wide-World, Sir.

Lord Bless, love Michael and Meriel. :heart:

Love; Pray for your enemy says JESUS the Christ.

Robert De niro Now what an he say that will help America? Like so many others, De niro is trying make people think he is important and can lead people who can not lead themselves. All these mouthy movie stars and self important people. will continue to try work up the below average intelligent people to become violent and harm or even kill innocent people. All the while these mouthy people sit back and declare how innocent they are. Something must be done about these mouthy people who worship their money and voice. Maybe our side should start taking their money away and make them think before they speak.