Cnn clinton natioanl network

Every thing this station says in the USA is Trumps fault, if it is the Man that jumped over Joe Biden’s Moon looking for dirt to plant Potatoes to Russia, 24/7 hate. Thier is one issues America dose not understand Healthcare this is the number 1 issue again as in 2016. Why would you vote for someone that forced this illegal law on you for Healthcare Obama/JOE BIDEN care?

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What station do you recommend people watch, if you disapprove of CNN?


I watched CNN about the fires out west. There was no mention of it being Trump’s fault.



This is a strange claim. Because right now CNN is running a Sesame Street town hall.

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I just watched this “clinton news network” for 20 minutes, and didn’t hear one single utterance of Clinton’s name. I want a refund - I got cheated.


By the posts I read :rofl:, I knew you were all CNN lovers. :sunglasses:

Welcome to the forum Jim.

Just curious, do you ever watch CNN?

I can’t say “never” but it’s not a habit…or even weekly. My experience is it’s a sheople trough.

I watch CNN, MSNBC, CNBC, Fox news, and Fox Business.

You see, if one wants to make truly informed decisions, he / she must allow themselves to see the world through a variety of lens.

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Tell Rachel…Smyrna said “hey”. :sunglasses:

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What do you watch Mr. Bob?

Nah. Watching (real) football. Just checked the phone.

I watch the food channel, too. We must not forget the finer things in life. I like Bloomberg Asia and Bloomberg closing for financial insights.

What’s with the “comrade” ■■■■■■■■■

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You are too practical. :wave::wave:

Jim, Welcome. Have fun.

What’s up with “comrade,”. Bro.

Thank you, @SneakySFDude.

Well Mr Bosun, I watch Fox and CNN in about equal measure. I like to see multiple sides of news stories. I also watch MSNBC, I actually like Maddow. She’s smart but she pisses me off sometimes with her holier than thou attitude.

I like CBS network news but don’t often get a chance to watch.

I get most of my news from WCBS radio here in the NY area and I read the NYT daily.

I also come here because, believe it or not, I think I learn a lot.