CNBC: "There isn’t enough copper in the world — and the shortage could last till 2030"

What could this possibly mean for the move to make everything run on electricity?

Well, we’d better start opening more copper mines.


Usually, strong copper prices are a good sign for the world economy.

It is a “secret” indicator that has become so accurate over the decades that investors have dubbed it “Dr. Copper.” However, this time rising copper prices are being as “a shortage,” and “inflationary.”

Hmm, we’ll see.
War for copper anyone?

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There’s already a war raging in Europe for oil, gas, and lithium, so it’s only a matter of time. :wink:


It’s alright. Copper mines are loved by everyone.

Source of above:

Oh I forgot this.

Have all the meth-mouths finally gutted every abandoned house?


This is why the market and not the govt should be in charge of the economy. The govt is full of fools led by the corrupt. They don’t care if products work.


And in when the government does intervene in the market
it should be in broad ways . . . like a gas tax but
zero favoritism for EVS over nat gas vehicles
or wind over solar,
zero interference with drilling,refining and pipelines.


Ya they cleaned them out the last housing crisis.

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we’ll have to find another conductor or something…

I’m guessing the engineers and geologists working on it know their trade and have not found a cheaper solution than digging up more copper.

Then again Nikola Tesla considered all the available conductors and foresaw this day. He knew one day we would run out of conductive metals eventually and wanted to build a network of tall towers and send lighting bolts from power plant to city to next city, His calculations are still around somewhere.

Does it have to be copper? What about aluminum?

I am not an expert on the topic.
I recently learned that the many many tons of high voltage wires (needed to upgrade the grids with or without EVS) is made of aluminum.

If we consider all the energy capacity, carried by all the all the oil pipelines in America, being replaced by aluminum wires carrying the same amount of energy . . . think we might run into an aluminum shortage too.

We’re talking a lot of miles of some very large pipeline.

Really dumb idea to try and send electricity through the air or ground like that. Because physics. Incredibly inefficient. You would be broadcasting electricity everywhere only to pick some of it back up where the power is needed. Long read but thorough debunking of his ideas.

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A LOT of burned down houses, courtesy of aluminum wiring.

I don’t think we want to go there.



I figured there was a good reason we did not do things that way.

Besides there is a shortage of Al also.

Cu is perfect because of it’s electron configuration and ability to flow them.

Silver is actually better, but unfortunately, at least 100 times more expensive. :smile:

I recently ordered one piece of sodium and one piece of copper.
When the delivery guy showed up, I noticed that he was only holding the sodium. I asked him,

“Did you have the copper with you?”

He replied,
Na right now, Cu later."


The political elites always live by a different set of rules than the sheeple. It won’t effect them.