Closure of Dental Practices During Pandemic

I thought oral health was part of overall health, but, with government closures of dental practices in the U S except for “emergency procedures”, I guess not :roll_eyes:

This is what makes the boot licking of health care workers all the more hypocritical. An entire class of health care workers has been penalized due to the specialty they chose, oral health

Have any COVID 19 cases, mild to fatal, with or without symptoms, been traced to procedures, emergency or routine maintenance, at any dental practices?

I can only speak for Indianapolis but my missus had no problem getting an emergency dental treatment just after everything shut down. She needed a tooth removed. Yes she had to wait for two hours in her car but it was all taken care of.

Then again we have a Republican governor who has actually handled this health crisis sensibly and very impressively.


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I always do.

where did you “ help” supporters?

It is not for me to say but i like helping out Trump supporters.

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you just said you are “here to help“

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It is not for me to say how I helped you. Only you can discern that.

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then again, you didnt help anyone! lol

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Be at peace my friend.

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Nature of the flag war. Old habits returning for some folks. :man_shrugging:

Had my teeth cleaned here in Dallas last week. Had an implant put in yesterday…lots of good cutting there.
Both wore masks, but then the implant naturally would anyway…
Both had the timing done such that there would be only one patient in the waiting room at a time.
Didn’t see any problems here.

Is there some myth that these masks didn’t ramp up in production in very early February? Declaring a “mask emergency” wouldn’t have had them available any sooner.

The problem is that many will see the restirctions of one person in the Waiting room at a time or x number of people in a store or restaurant as an infringement of their “liberty”.

What you experienced is happening all over the country. The lockdown is being eased and being replaced with sensible precautions.

I agree the economy needs to get going but we need to be cautious. Yes its a pain in the arse but its necessary.

Of course its tragic that so many have been hurt not only physically and emotionally but financially but we are living through a global pandemic. This is something that the modern 21st world has never experienced before.

You got married since the Old Forum days?


Not quite married but soon will be.

I am just too old to call her my girlfriend and partner sounds clinical and cold.

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Congratulations! Hope you guys stay happy together!

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