Climate change thread of despair


IT isn’t exactly news that environmentalists tying up projects for years or decades as new regulatory requirements are foisted on the builders the price gets driven up.

It’s been part of their plan all along, to make it all but impossible to get new nuke plants built.


Economic reasons that relate directly to the protesters tying the projects up for years or even decades.


IF it weren’t for Texas providing a great deal of CA’s power since early in the last decade the state would have already imploded under the cost.


The military games virtually every possible scenario, it doesn’t give wacko theories any basis in fact.


You would think left would know the sciences shows an ice age is the natural state of earth for the last 1/2 million years. Then you get about of about a 10k year peak of warmth before returning to cold and dry.



Yep. There is basically no stopping it now.


Will there ever be a way where we can suck out some of the excess CO2 emissions from our atmosphere??


Not while the energy production to do so requires burning carbon in the first place. Then you have to figure out storage.


A major drought in Afghanistan has displaced more Afghans than the internal political conflict between the Afghan central government and the Taliban.


Yep all the crap we throw into the environment has no effect whatsoever.:roll_eyes:


Tyndall AFB, home to 30% of F-22 fleet was severely wrecked. The damage to a reported 17 F-22s that were left on base to ride out the storm has not been fully ascertained.


There is this amazing thing… called a … a leaf.


We left 17 F22s on base? Wa…the…


And when we are done talking about green plants, we can talk about … ready…?

Ocean water.


Wow… [raises hand]. “Can we talk about the full carbon cycle now Mr. Ish? Can we talk about how all that carbon that’s been locked in rocks for millions of years is now being released into the atmosphere and impeding the ability of our natural sinks to absorb it, resulting in additional carbon loading to the atmosphere?”

To Chris, there is carbon sequestration… it’s not taken from the atmosphere, but rather industrial processes, which prevents it from reaching the atmosphere.


Talk all you want. But your talking will not refute the facts I posted in response to the question about how carbon is sucked out of the atmosphere by natural processes. And sometimes it is released as well … by natural processes.

Go to the head of the class if you like and talk yourself silly until you ignite someone’s hair. That is your objective, isn’t it?


I have four thoughts on agw, I am a novice in the area.

  1. I agree humans have an impact on warming.
  2. Not all of the impacts are negative, granted sea levels is an issue but the planet has gotten greener.
  3. No one has given any true answers to a fix to the problem. Carbon tax == spend trillions for a marginal 1 degree reduction in temperature in 100 years.
  4. Even if we did reduce our emissions all is for nothing since China and India are not going to stop growing their economy putting out new coal plants.

Correct me were I have it wrong. This isn’t an area I have put to much time researching on.


Are you trying to claim hurricanes are caused by global warming?


Innuendo. Best served warm.