"Click Bait" or "How Top Officials in The Obama Administration Got Away With Numerous Federal Crimes"


Two years, that’s right folks, two years and not one single thing has been done about “The Great American Coup”. So were we and are we all just a bunch of fools, once again? Were the headlines used to help build websites and generate cyber traffic at our expense? Probably. Will We The People ever see “Equal Justice” in this “Free” country of ours, or will all those involved in crimes against America go on to enjoy their Taxpayer funded retirements? I wouldn’t want to bet against it!


Lock them up!


What coup?


Many are wondering the same thing for sure. But realize only those that have been paying attention for years not months, actually have a clue what has taken place and why ? It took decades for the deep state to form to its current level of corruption, So it cannot be corrected in 2 years. The truth is it has taken that much time just to get it exposed, because Americans have been very slow to grasp most of it. Most live in a bubble of ignorance, so be patient and persistent and contact Trump and tell him to release the docs ASAP !

The best thing to do is simply try to help others see the truth of many matters ! And it is not only the left that are not thinking ? The DOCS are critical right now !




Agree 100%. It took a long time to get here and it will take a long time to repair the damage.


It’s never going to be repaired. They basically admitted wrong doing but no crimes were committed…at least that’s what they want you to believe. Meanwhile they will lay low until next friendly administration comes into power and then they just pick up where they left off.


It ain’t over till the fat lady dances ! It has taken decades and a guy named Obama to get all these agencies as corrupted as they are today. So far we have seen a tremendous amount of info exposed and that is the only way it is possible to correct any of it. The real problem you do not grasp is that the American people are still very slow to grasp what has taken place and why ? It is sinking in and there will be prosecutions. Calm down and focus on reality not your emotions like the left does ! Of course we re all frustrated and sometimes angry about most of it. But consider the two main reasons we know any of the crimes at all. One is Assange/Snowden courageous efforts, the other is the fact that Trump was elected. Had Hillary been elected all of it would have been covered up. Realize we are in a war not an argument or contest ! Wars take a while and in this one the swamp is deep and well entrenched. What are you doing to fight them ? I have plan and it is actually working !


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