CIA: North Korea won't give up nukes, but might open a burger joint

That’s been underway for a while now with western films.

I agree with you though; burgers over bombs, films over fighting. Regardless of all the hyperbole happening right now, the Korean Peninsula will see actual peace in our lifetimes.

Yup. And that is great, no matter your politics.

Had that confused with “yaedeul-a, annyeong!” for a moment there. Man, I can’t wait to go back to Korea when the contracting starts!

What about a Starbucks too? Does any other restaurant represent the vast amount of customizable choice that American capitalism provides as well as these silly menus of expensive drinks and bars of useless merchandise that even poor Americans can afford to enjoy?


Communism is the easiest ideology in the world to defeat; hungry bellies beg for food, filled tummies always demand desert.