CIA: North Korea won't give up nukes, but might open a burger joint

Hey we might not get world peace, but I am always down with another In N Out

That’ll work. Levis, Pizza Hut and Amway brought down the Wall. Oh and MTV.


The cat is out of the bag.

How many times have the experts been wrong and Trump proven right, don’t bet against Trump people.

You mean we getting a new hamburger chain in the NK?! Count me in! :hamburger::bread::bread:

Truly getting the North Koreans to give up all nuclear weapons is one, tall order. The meetings that have taken place, are taking place and are about to take place…if the President goes, are a momentous step in the right direction. I don’t know what can be gained from North Korea…if not that because, what else have they got? They are in a bad way and have been for some time. I think the Olympics were a good reminder to them of what 2018 looks like in the outside world. North Korea has a lot to gain. Due to this, I’m optimistic but…it’s a tall order. If President Trump does get a signed commitment that’s totally verifiable, this will be a monumental occasion.

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In-n-Out ICBMs.

But capitalism is always better than bombs at bringing down regimes. Expose them to as much Western culture as possible.

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FIVE GUYS burgers all the way!

He won’t get that, but you’ll still defend it whatever agreement he does get, regardless of how symbolic or toothless.

Kimchi King

What A Bulgogi

Dausut yaedeul a.

Your negativity is your ceiling.

especially about healthcare, the debt and the free wall.

What I said wasn’t negative-it’s very telling that you took it that way, however. That says a lot.

There’s a Korean burger joint in my town. They do make a tasty burger.

The last time I ate there I got food poisoning, and that was the last time I ate there.

Well that ought to work. After All those N. Koreans have such a tremendous expendable income.

?? No idea…

Five guys.

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The former official said the U.S. approach to North Korea was broken down into phases, each of which would bring corresponding gestures of aid and sanctions relief.

First, the Trump administration wants North Korea to declare all details of its nuclear program, dispose of fissile material and close some sites.

The U.S. would then press for international inspections and a gradual elimination of nuclear weapons. U.S. and South Korea would likely focus on food delivery — possibly through the United Nations — and other agricultural development, the report said. The South Koreans would likely take the lead in delivering this aid.

North Korean official’s trip to U.S. is reminiscent of 2000
The U.S. also could offer economic incentives, including sanctions relief.

Just to square everything away, I believe that exporting Americana is extremely effective. Most liberals do. However, how is that any different than this?

February 29, 2012: Following a Feb. 23-24 meeting between the United States and North Korea in Beijing, the two countries announce in separate statements an agreement by North Korea to suspend operations at its Yongbyon uranium enrichment plant, invite IAEA inspectors to monitor the suspension, and implement moratoriums on nuclear and long-range missile tests. The United States says that it would provide North Korea 240,000 metric tons of food aid under strict monitoring.

That Obama deal was constantly referred to as a bribe, weakness, and capitulation.