CIA has recording of bin Salman giving instructions to 'silence Jamal Khashoggi', Turkish media reports

It appears our own government has the actual audio of the crazy son ordering the murder of a journalist living in the US.

I wonder if our Executive branch even cares. They appear to be about money above all else.

Maybe they can discuss that in church this weekend.

Maybe he did, maybe he didn’t. It’s a shame, it is what it is. —fat donald

Fat donald goes to church every Sunday?

Look trump could have this in the bag so easy…

You go and say this…MBs must leave and step down and face his crimes. We will continue to work with the Saudis in with this issue so we can resolve it and move forward with securing our futures.

But he cant because mbs is tied to Kushner


No but a ton of his supporters do.

hey, america does bad things too, so no big deal…

Silence all over.

Something, something, he buys our guns so it’s okay…