CHRISTMAS WISHES: Hillary Posts Holiday Message of Herself Inside the White House

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Twice-failed presidential candidate and possible 2020 contender Hillary Clinton posted her annual Christmas message on social media Tuesday; wishing everyone a happy holiday season along a picture of herself inside the White House.

“Merry Christmas to everyone celebrating today!” posted Clinton on social media; posing with former President Bill Clinton and their daughter Chelsea.

Merry Christmas to everyone celebrating today!

— Hillary Clinton (@HillaryClinton) December 25, 2018

The picture sparks new speculation of Clinton mounting another bid for the White House in the coming months. Just weeks ago, the former Secretary of State refused to say whether she plans to take on Trump in 2020; saying “I’d like to be president.”

Good for Hillary!

Still living rent free in so many Republican heads and still scaring the beejeebers out of so many of them!


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Some family members sent holiday pictures to me for Christmas greetings in the mail. The horror

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Some day Hillary is going to have to put down the gin and accept she isn’t President no matter how many times she posts decades old photos to relive her glory years ala Al Bundy.


How many times did she do that? I haven’t been keeping track.

Some day…

as in she will keep doing this and SOME DAY she will have to stop.

It’s sad I have to explain that to you.


How sad and pathetic is it to post such an old WH photo! All we get is the back of Chelsea’s head who is now married with children so how about a current picture with her family and an actual face shot of her daughter & grandchildren!

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Some wingnuts complain about the most ridiculous things.

I’m sure that if Hillary was aware that you wanted a current picture of her family, she would have sent you one.

Who’s complaining?

You started this mess when I dared to question dear Hillary and her delusions of being in the WH at any time in the future.

Seems the whining and complaining isn’t coming from me.

I’m just giving her some sage advice. Waking up every day shaking your fist because your not the President is not healthy.


I know a place…

Well, slap my backside and call me impressed…:smirk:

…ain’t nobody crying…

except Not President Hillary. :joy:

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…ain’t nobody worried…

Except Not President Hillary. :sunglasses:

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…ain’t no smilin’ faces…

They must be home for the holidays. The new neighborhood may have lost some luster.


So you’re okay with a 2018 Christmas card decades old photo and the back of Chelsea’s head as long as it’s in the WH? Okay! :wink:

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