CHRISTMAS CANCELED: Nazareth BANS CHRISTMAS After Trump’s Jerusalem Remarks | Sean Hannity

The northern Israeli town of Nazareth has canceled their annual Christmas festivities for 2017, saying the Muslim-majority village “cannot be bargained with” and claiming “Trump’s decision” on Jerusalem has “taken the joy” out of the season.

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We have a time machine now?

Originally published December 2017. Weird.

…and of course, we can see that in fact Christmas was not cancelled in Nazareth in 2017 and all activities proceeded as scheduled.

Fake news propaganda!

Admin flooding the board with a bunch of news…interesting.

I’m likewise curious as to why.

I am curious for two reasons . First of all I visited Israel several years ago with a Catholic priest who spoke of a Palestinian Christian school which was now a Muslin school because of a greater need for Muslim children, I lived among Palestinian people for two weeks and detected no animosity between Christians and Muslims. Mary, the mother of Jesus is revered by Jews, Muslims and Christians. If not for Mary, there is no Christmas! Secondly, Jews, Christians, and Good Muslims worship the God of Abraham. My Muslim friend here in Thailand and Muslim friend in Egypt confirmed we worship same God. F Wikipedia!