Christie: Trump admin full of grifters, amateurs, convicted and unconvicted felons

I guess Christie was upset about not getting that chief of staff gig :laughing:.

He’s not wrong though.

That tub o’ lard is just bitter about being snubbed.

The Republican Party is an excellent source of chuckles these days.

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Chris Christie has tried for VP, Head of Transition, Chief of Staff and not gotten any position. The main reason is that when he was a Prosecutor, he put Charles Kushner (Jared’s daddy) in jail for tax evasion, fraud and so on. Jared will never forgive Christie for doing his job and it looks like Christie is getting even.

Christie blocked the third rail tunnel in New York Harbor early in his governship and Trump has blocked it again. This is needed, desperately, and is a piece of governmental irresponsibility they can own together.

ding ding ding. Spot on.

Christie: Trump admin full of grifters, amateurs, convicted and unconvicted felons

Yeah, thanks for helping him get elected, you dip ■■■■■


Do keep in mind that he was snubbed for the sin of locking up Jared Kushner’s crooked ass dad.

Alleged… :roll_eyes:

Desperately, desperately needed

Allan (who commutes to NYC from Jersey everyday)

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all politicians are grifters… Not sure why so many want them to tell us how to live, but they do…

Do you know how crooked you have to be as a white collar crook to get the feds after you and then secure real prison time for you?

And it’s not alleged, he was convicted and went to prison. That word is used before people are convicted.

Numerous convictions so far.

I don’t know who you think you’re rolling your eyes at.

True Tommy, but incomplete. I know someone currently in the last months of a federal prison sentence for white collar wire fraud… got nabbed because he was small enough not to have any real connections or friends with influence. The man is guilty; absolutely no question, but how crooked? – small potatoes. First offense too. Another end of the system from Charles Kushner.

Good. I like it when white collar crooks get convicted. If we went after them with the same gusto we did nineteen year old kids for drugs, the Great Recession probably never happpens.

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I guess saying that all politicians are grifters is slightly better than claiming that all people are bad. That defense and a hatrack together will give you a place to hang your ballcap.


Ok, 90% are grifters… People who think most people are bad want big govt to control them. Libertarians ( the real liberals) think people are mostly good…

You might have missed the point.

No, it’s easy to understand your point. The flaw is believing politicians are like other people…

What was my point?

Well that was a bombshell revelation of O’Keefian proportions. Thanks for sharing, Chris.

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