Chip Roy and his Public Service Reform Act

■■■■ all of them.



Precisely…starting with CoJ, top levels of FBI, ATF should be disband outright and yes even “Senior Executive Service” where the corruption starts. :wink:

And 1 other thing. I see libs want to double IRS. Well we know where that’s going.


Libs can’t find a bloated government office that they won’t just fall on the floor swooning over. It’s no different than when they sold their bodies off to Corporate America. :wink:



Sp no link just some vague reference to something 300 years ago

So you don’t know what the Pendleton Act is or have a clue on why it was enacted?

Read your own posts. If you wanted me to address that don’t mention someone who died 300 years ago.

Ironic this is common from the person who bitches about the right complaining about stuff you feel will never happen.

Hyperbole much? You asked for an example and we’re provided one

Numbers are hard!

Yea something 300 years ago. When do you think we will fall back under English rule?

That’s the 3rd time you said 300 years. Are you really that bad at elementary math?

Pathetic goalpost shift

You asked for an example and were provided with one

Yea off by 5 years😢 sorry rounding up triggered you so bad. Must not be able to defend your hypocrisy


2022-1845 = 300?

Ah yea my bad I was thinking century fo some reason

I understand the concern about political targeting.

A summary clean sweep of people who voted one-way-or-the-other would smack of banana republic politics. It would be a ballsy move for a president to do that. Our country wouldn’t stand for it. From either political party.

Yes, the bill would open this door. I doubt the power from the bill would be used to such an extreme, but the possibility is there.

And while there are plenty of offices and bureaus and agencies and divisions I would like to see eliminated, using this power to enact such an elimination would create chaos. If an organization is to be shut down, it needs to be done in an organized manner. A president who abuses the power in this way would demonstrate that he is unfit for the office, in my opinion.

As for the bill itself, I think there would be a healthy display of trust if a GOP-sponsored Act were to be implemented under a DEM president.

You’ve kind of hit the nail on the head. The President as head of the executive branch should have the authority to fire anyone in the executive branch at any time he so desires. Then live with the consequences. This strawman about firing everyone who doesn’t vote for “X” is asinine.

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Not to mention, it would be a violation of privacy for the president to know who a guy voted for. (Although some people have to wear their votes on their sleeve.)

Even though some place might have at-will hiring/firing, a basic principle should prevail: Do your job. Do it well. Keep your job.

You don’t think that the President (or someone on their staff or re-election campaign) can’t access publicly available information on campaign donations and then make an educated guess on who that individual may have voted for?

Or for instance checked voter registration roles to determine that someone is a registered Democrat or Republican?


Of course they can.

Nonetheless, at best it’s an educated guess.

But as I mentioned, there are some who have to wear their voting on their sleeve. Yet even still, if the guy does his job as he is supposed to, (at least, speaking for myself) that employee shouldn’t be canned.

The question of knowing how an employee specifically voted is a rathole to the larger point that it’s nothing but a strawman to suggest that a president would fire everyone who doesn’t vote for “X”.