Chinese stepping up against Taiwan

It seems that China is beating the drums getting revved up for war

Biden is rolling overpriced eggs while the US military plays dress up


One action is motivating another…but don’t worry…Hunter and Joe have it all under control…

…amirite Brandonites?

While I obviously think your take is crap, this:

Was good.

Sure. Are you suggesting we should have told President Tsai to stay home?

So sorry. Busy saving white people for the EU


The US has been provoking a crisis that it knows it can’t win. My guess is that Beijing is tacitly endorsing the neocon rhetoric from Washington to serve as a pretext for humiliating the US and ending US dominance. China’s investments in the Biden family and in the corruption of US institutions appear to be paying off handsomely.

President Nixon accepted a one-China policy in 1972, but he kept the embassy in Taiwan. President Carter moved the embassy to Beijing and ended the mutual defense treaty with Taiwan. Attempts to back out of these policies make no sense.

Animated videos.

It would be irrational and self-defeating to preemptively seize Taiwan right now: do you think the Chinese government looks at Putin’s wasteful, embarrassing Ukraine quagmire with envy? Oooh—we need a piece of that action right away! No. They’re more likely to spend years analyzing it for lessons.

If they did use military force to take Taiwan in the near term, they’d likely gain a worthless island, mass casualties (including people from Japan, Indonesia, the Philippines, Europe, etc. who live there), and an interminable insurgency with a hostile population. Plus, it would do unimaginable damage to their own economy and society: China is the largest food importer in the world. It also relies on imports for the vast majority of its computer chips, oil, manufacturing equipment, advanced medical devices, etc. Add on: capital flight and foreign MNCs withdrawing.

Taiwan may end up absorbed by mainland China, but I’d bet it will be more like the process of Hong Kong or Macau than Russia’s ■■■■■■■■■■■ in Ukraine.

But who knows? I’m no expert. I get all the news I need from the weather report.



Shame we don’t have a strong leader in the White House. Oh, that Mass (D)elusion. :rofl:


If I was Taiwan…I would set up all chip factories to explode if and when they about to fall into China hands.


If the US tried a repeat of 1950 when it sent a fleet into the Taiwan straits to block an invasion, the likely result would be a bunch of navy ships sunk by Chinese missiles.

In late 1949 and early 1950, American officials were prepared to let PRC forces cross the Strait and defeat Chiang, but after the outbreak of the Korean War in June 1950, the United States sent its Seventh Fleet into the Taiwan Strait to prevent the Korean conflict from spreading south. The appearance of the Seventh Fleet angered the Chinese Communists, who transferred their troops poised for an invasion of Taiwan to the Korean front. This served to delay military conflict in the Strait until the United States withdrew its fleet after the Korean War.
The Taiwan Strait Crises: 1954-55 and 1958

Lindsey Graham is proposing to send US troops and F-16s to Taiwan.

. . .Graham said, should include aggressively training Taiwanese forces “so they can fight like Ukrainians,” putting nuclear-tipped missiles back in our submarines, sending F-16 jets to the country, and, if need be, troops to defend the island nation.
Lindsey Graham Is 'Very Much Open' to Sending U.S. Forces to Taiwan

I’m hearing a massive earthquake just hit Taiwan and that this may motivate China to invade? If so, now what does the US do with Brandon at the helm leading the charge? I do not want another Afghanistan military performance and know we can not afford one over this. The risk exceeds the potential return IMO unless there’s something more I’m missing?

There shouldn’t be any charge. Just let it happen.

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I agree. If Trump were POTUS though, I’d like to hear about plan “b”. I don’t necessarily believe I’d change my mind but…I’d at least like to hear a well thought out plan for Taiwan to maintain their independence.

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Where are you hearing that the earthquake may motivate China to invade?

There is one sure way Taiwan can deter China. The same way China and Russia deter US, the way NK tries to deter us, the way Iran wants to deter us.

peace through superior firepower… I don’t know if we need to arm Taiwan like that

Taiwan had their own nuclear weapon program…they even gone through all stages of development during that period except for testing. But that was back in 70’s/80’s if my memory serves me correct.

They have their own technology base. They can build their own bombs and missiles to carry them. It is one of the traits that identifies a sovereign nation.

good on them… hopefully they have it and are ready to use it