Chinese camp escapee disrcibes rapes, murders, torture, human testing

this story that China is doing their best to keep hidden keeps getting darker and darker.

An Uighur Muslim woman who was forced into a Chinese ‘re-education centre’ so she could teach the inmates has revealed the full horror of life at the prison camp after she escaped.

Sayragul Sauytbay, 43, was forced to spend five months at one of the camps in Xinjiang province between 2017 and 2018 where she taught other prisoners Chinese as part of efforts to indoctrinate them into Chinese culture.

During her time at the camp she witnessed an elderly woman who had her skin flayed off and fingernails pulled out for a minor act of defiance, a woman who was raped in turn by guards as part of a forced confession, and prisoners who suffered memory losses and infertility after being given mysterious injections.

Given the Communist Party’s history of militant atheism, religion of all kinds faces persecutions or restrictions, especially if the party views believers to be a political threat.

For example members of Falun Gong, a Buddhist sect, have faced severe persecution for more than two decades:

Likewise Christians face persecution as well, especially those who do not belong to state-recognized denominations:

They are also harvesting organ from prisoners while they’re still alive.

If you need a new heart…go to China.

“Have a heart” has a different meaning there.

That is worth some pretty meaty sanctions, I hope.

David Rockefeller got six! He must of had a volume discount card by the end.

Now is where you’ll see just how deeply China has it’s tendrils in both our gov’t and in US corporations as little or nothing will be done and there won’t even be much outcry over it.

Like we did with Saudi Arabia after MBS had a journalist who lived in the US butchered?

No and let’s try not to derail the thread.

Oh that’s right. With that one we had actual proof it happened and you advised no action from the US was warranted

Why should we treat China any differently than Saudi Arabia over human rights violations?

No, I said it was none of our damned business. It was an internal Saudi Matter.

Now, again, let’s not derail the thread.

And why is this our damned business and not an internal matter? Seems you arent being consistent

What action is it I’ve called for?

Do you think this is an internal Chinese matter that we should stay out of because your first reply in the thread seemed to be saying that we should do something but we won’t because China has too much power over us

I’ll bet the NBA gets very vocal about this?

I can see a whole lot of US companies doing all they can to ignore and bury this story if at all possible.

Lebron won’t stand for this. He’ll speak up…just like he does to the President. Just watch…