Chinese-Americans attending Trump rally share wisdom and a warning - Biden will make America just like China!

Sometimes it is wise to listen to the wisdom of those who have lived other experiences.

Some patriotic Chinese-Americans who support Donald Trump have warned that Biden will turn America into a country like China.

A country where socialism rules, there is no free market, people of faith are held in concentration camps and where there is one party rule. I do not believe Biden supports these policies, but he is a vehicle for the radical left who do support these policies, and this will be America’s future under Biden.

America is on the brink. :rotating_light:


We dreamed of energy independence since the 1973 oil embargo.

We now have it and D want to give it away.

Embrace Taiwan…not China.

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Good for that person.

They shared some other wisdom that you missed.

They know Trump is a lying ■■■■ and that’s why they’re wearing masks.

Biden may make us like China. Trump will make more of us dead.

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This is the part that I find funny.


The entire premise thst these people would know Biden’s intent more than anyone else makes absolutely no sense. Its not even well thought out scare mongering.

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Biden is not a socialist, and the “socialists” in the Democratic party do not have any power unlike the Christian Nationalists in the Republican Party. At this point, I will take the Dems over the GOP.

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Is this…is this fearmongering?

Anyone at the rally tell him to go back where he came from or blame him for the wuhan flu?

Lemme guess. Falun Gong/ Epoch Times gathering?

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