Chinese-American escaped Communist oppression only to face it at Fordham University

I think that the video is a warning about what will happen everywhere if the left-wing Democrats take control of the country.

True. But one has to wonder why this individual thought he was exempted from the cancel culture that the rest of us social conservatives face.

I found stories on the internet. He says he is a BLM supporter. Maybe he will learn… an alliance with the left is the proverbial deal with the devil. YOU MUST OBEY. I suspect- and can only speculate- that he identifies with the ideology we know as classic liberalism and made the mistake of thinking that those who call themselves "liberals’ today in America are classic liberals. They are just the opposite.

Well… that’s another ex-lefty who will join our fight. Plenty more are learning the same lesson. (And they dare not admit it to so called “anonymous” pollsters for fear of greater retaliation by the sneaky and rabid left.) The ballot box is secret through. Cant wait to see the look of confusion on Rachael Maddow’s face in November.

By the way. Video didnt work for me. It appears to actually be a facebook page.

The Chinese Cultural Revolution showed the even committed Communists were attacked by mobs in pursuit of ideological purity. The same thing appears to be happening in the US.

Anyone concerned about our events needs to review the chinese cultural revolution. Our internal enemies are taking pages from the playbooks of those people.